I am a wife, a mother, a Christian, and most recently I have added the title of submissive. I love to serve My Sir, my family, and my community. I love to cook and eat. I started this blog because I have felt a bit lonely since starting a Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationship with my husband in October of 2017. I’m not lonely because of the D/s relationship, I have felt lonely because it is not something that I can openly share with anyone I normally share my life with, except My Sir-of course. D/s is a relationship dynamic that, I feel, is very misunderstood by the general population. What is depicted in the media (ie books, film, and TV) as a Dominant person (whether they be male or female) taking over the life of their submissive in a brutal and completely obsessive and overbearing manner, is wrong! Don’t get me wrong, there are relationships like that in the world, but what I am finding, after a year of incorporating D/s into my marriage, is that D/s relationships are loving, tender, and bonding relationships that have a depth that most vanilla relationships do not have. My Sir and I were married for over 27 years before we discovered D/s. We have four amazing children and two, equally, amazing daughter-in-loves. We have endured everything that a married couple does, and then some, in that 27 years, and with that said, our marriage and the bonds of love between us have only grown stronger and deeper since we began our D/s adventure last year.

This blog, as the name implies, will be about my life, with the outlook that I now have as a submissive wife. I’ll write about my whole journey-from cooking to how a D/s dynamic influences how I think and feel about everyday life (including some of what goes on behind the scenes). So, what you will find here is my submissive Lady life: food, laundry, and dishes, hair, nails, exercise, how D/s plays into all aspects of my life, and pretty much anything else that is life for me (you can probably expect some pretty random other stuff, because life is FULL of random).

What I am hoping will happen with this blog, is that people will begin to understand that a D/s dynamic in a relationship is AWESOME! I want others to have what I have, and I want to be able to share this side of me (and others to be able to do the same), so that no one ever feels lonely! There are two things I have found to be true in this lifestyle: 1. There is someone out in the world who is going through something similar, and 2. Normal is what you make it! Welcome to my submissive Lady life! 

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton